Ghostwriting help

With a ghostwriter you get your personal master’s thesis consulting with support and personal contact at every step of the process, just like the master’s thesis editing. After your inquiry, we will specifically look for a ghostwriter for your Master’s thesis, who is an expert in your subject area and who knows the requirements of your university and your department.

In order to guarantee the best service and top quality, we at select our authors according to the strictest criteria. So we only work with authors who have even highest academic degrees, and have already proven their quality in academic writing. All of our ghostwriters have years of experience in ghostwriting. Only 9 out of 100 writers who apply to us make it to the finish. Our rigorous selection process ensures that only the best work as ghostwriters for our clients.

Our selection process includes a thorough review of your CV and past job, multiple trial and written tests, and a telephone interview. In addition, prior to their deployment, all ghostwriters will be thoroughly briefed on the specific requirements of academic theses, our all-inclusive customer service, and more.

Part of the job of the ghostwriter is correcting your master’s thesis. The master thesis correction checks whether spelling and punctuation are correct, that the formatting meets the criteria of the chair and that you cite all sources correctly.

Why is Master’s thesis so important?

The master’s thesis or master’s thesis is written at the end of the master’s program. It is the proof that one is able to independently work on an important question within a limited period of time and turn it into a scientific work. The focus of the master’s thesis is therefore the independent problem solving. The academic master’s degree is awarded predominantly with the university examination. The master’s thesis is the obligatory final thesis of the master’s or master’s programs.

How long does it take for a master’s thesis?

The processing time for the master thesis or master thesis is usually six months. Depending on the university, it must be registered with the examination office at the appropriate deadlines. The requirements for the Master’s thesis vary depending on the subject and faculty or university. The scope is between an average of 70 and 90 pages, so in terms of length it can be compared to a thesis. It is therefore absolutely necessary to deal with the topic of the Master’s thesis as early as possible. The topic selection of the thesis has to be well prepared.